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Mr. Robot (2015)

- Crime | Drama |
IMDB Rayting:   8.7/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Follows a mysterious anarchist who recruits a young computer programmer (Malek) who suffers from an anti-social disorder and connects to people by hacking them.

Stars: Rami Malek Carly Chaikin Portia Doubleday


Season 4

December 22, 2019Episode 13 Hello, Elliot
December 22, 2019Episode 12 whoami
December 15, 2019Episode 11 eXit
December 8, 2019Episode 10 410 Gone
December 1, 2019Episode 9 409 Conflict
November 10, 2019Episode 6 406 Not Acceptable
October 27, 2019Episode 4 404 Not Found
October 20, 2019Episode 3 403 Forbidden

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

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Bulky British Harden Off heavenly body compelled to secure from attack protect incidental narrative non-appearance

The Bulky British Harden Off heavenly body Rebs Lightbody has been compelled to secure from attack protect her non-appearance from watch series online.

Rebs and companion contestant Abdul missed Viands Week due to melting under the pass to windward of, prompting some viewers to joke that they too would 'shake a sickie' if it meant they could be shy of one of the exhibit's most herculean challenges.

However, Rebs has now taken to civic media to accost intellectual examination about her non-appearance and declare to be untrue that she would fake being ailing in method to get out of doing a labor.

She tweeted: "Will say it once for the family in the back, I DID NOT want to miss viands week (it was probably my strongest week), I was compelled to go dwelling for the security of all in the portable lodge, I just wanted the cosmos to see my Lahmacun pizza and Mexican manner of writing smorgastarta! #gbbo.

"No substance what you think of me and my bakes pls know I didn’t shake a "sickie", I begged to stay and then I cried all the way back to Arctic Ireland."

She later shared a screenshot of a Snapchat word she sent to her bosom friend from the taxi ride dwelling, perusal: "Camila Cabello said ain’t no lamenting in the bludgeon but she never said anything about not lamenting in the taxi cause you’re lost your best comedy series."

The bakers were tasked with creating two apportion-sized pizzas for Viands Week's Sign defy, which resulted in a diversity of flavours including Hawaiian, luscious rosemary young sheep, aromatic Malaysian prawn and even replete English family breakfast.

Due to Rebs and Abdul's non-appearance, judges Pawl Hollywood and Prue Leith revealed that no contestants would be going dwelling.

The Bulky British Harden Off assumed manner affectation on Conduit 4 in the UK. In the US, it's known as The Bulky British Baking Exhibit, and streams on Netflix. Harden Off: An Supplementary Cut, hosted by Tom Allen and Jo Fire-brand, will be stroll on Thursdays at 8pm on Conduit 4.

Euphoria heavenly body lands next guide movie role in The Nun 2

Euphoria's Violent wind Reid has landed her next ruling role in upcoming fmovies The Nun 2.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reid will heavenly body in the dismay succeeding part, but further particulars about her emblem are currently unavailable.

Reid is best known for playing Gia Bennett in Euphoria, the drawn out-sufferance little sister of Zendaya's Rue Bennett.

Piece of ground particulars are being kept under wraps, but it is contemplation that the thin skin or coating will be set in the 1950s, following on from the events of its forerunner where the nominal Nun still leavings.

As part of The Conjuring cosmos, Michael Chaves will not crooked The Nun 2, having before directed 2021's The Conjuring: The Arch-fiend Made Me Do It.

Having produced all eight movies from The Conjuring cosmos, its originator James Wan will bring out alongside Peter Safran.

Wan, who is also amenable for creating the Crooked right as well as co-creating the Saw movie right, recently revealed that actress Bonnie Aarons will be returning as the Demonic Nun.

Taking to Instagram, the husbandman situated a course of pictures of himself and Aarons to herald abroad that she would be returning along with crime movies.

He captioned the column: "Welcome back Michael and @bonnieaarons1 to #TheConjuringUniverse. Here are some pics of Bonnie haunting me on The Conjuring 2 set."

The terrifying images present to view Wan with Aarons in replete creepy Nun makeup and constitution where the Goblin grabs grasp of Wan as he smiles at the camera.

Also in Nun word, earlier this year, Taissa Farmiga opened up about a possible go or come back as Sister Irene to the right, having before starred in 2018's The Nun opposite Demián Bichir's Male parent Smother to death as they rencontre preternatural forces.

Occupation Janhvi Kapoor a ‘bimbo’ and ‘pornstar’ is taking trolling to an outermost horizontal!

Janhvi Kapoor current a billow of fellow-feeling when Sridevi passed away and her performance debut ‘Dhadak’ was showered with be fond of you jizz. But these days, the actress is called out more with keep a grudge against than with be fond of. Trollers are staying to justice her ‘gym looks’ and ‘acting skills’, to the expansion that recently Janhvi was called a porn heavenly body for her photoshoot. ETimes powerfully opposes such malevolent name occupation. Janhvi Kapoor deserves more be fond of and puissance as she navigates through this negativity.

Take a look at some of the jibes Janhvi faced on civil media and our rejoinder to the same.

Why do you perceive so much keep a grudge against? Why take such a truculent dig at an actress who is only trying to ace a glamorous look? Don’t like it? Don’t tread in the steps of it! While you faint away more than the looks of your favourite actress, let Janhvi be the sleeping vision lass that she aspires to be. She will eclipse your negativity even as trollers like you decline to let her be.

If only it was that not burdensome to accord confer performance tips from behind an unacknowledged civil media register. There is a sea of fans who beg to diverge with your ‘same expression’ make notes. If she was indeed that bad a doer, we wonder why a four-duration General Adjudge lovely filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari would sling Janhvi Kapoor in his next pellicle!

It is pleasing to know that there’s someone out there who has a ‘list of favourites’ when it comes to ‘nepo kids’. And using this partiality to style Janhvi Kapoor a ‘bimbo’ just reflects your keep a grudge against for the actress. She is a doer, a doting senior sister to Khushi Kapoor, a daddy’s lass and a director’s actor… faith these traits are enough to get Janhvi an ingress in your becoming roll of ‘nepo kids’.

Altay lideri gözüne kestirdi

Spor Toto 1'inci Lig'de cumartesi günü evinde önder Eyüpspor'la yüz yüze gelecek Altay, dişli rakibini mısra getirmenin planlarını yapıyor.

Ligin en kuvvetli takımıyla karşılaşacaklarını dile getiren  bonus veren siteler, "Milli takım arasını iyi değerlendirdik. Çocuklar fazlaca iyi çalıştı. Her geçen gün daha iyiye gidiyoruz. Eyüpspor buraya önder geliyor. Taraftarlarımızı sevinçli edecek skoru almak için her şeyi yapacağız. İzmir'e lider gelen Bodrumspor'u yenmiştik, Eyüpspor'u da güzel bir oyunla yenik etmek istiyoruz" dedi.

Lige verilen arada çift idman yaptıklarını söyleyen teknik patron Kaloğlu, "Oyuncularımızın birçoğu kamp görmemişti. Onlar için ek olarak atletik performans antrenmanları yaptık. Bu hafta taktik antrenmanlara yoğunlaştık. Efe, ulusal takımdan döndü. Kutay, Eric ve Erdem'in gribal rahatsızlıkları vardı. Bazı idmanlara çıkamadılar fakat oynayabilirler. Düz koşulara başlayan Özgür ve Deniz haricinde eksiğimiz yok" diye konuştu.

Süper Lig'den büyük bir borç yüküyle düşen Altay'da mali kurul oluşturuldu. Siyah-beyazlı kulüpten yapılan açıklamada, "Yönetim kurulumuzun hedefleri içinde yer alan mali şeffaflık ve hesap verilebilirlik mevzularında çalışmalar yapmak üzere, Mali Kurulumuz oluşturulmuş ve çalışmalarına başlamıştır" denildi.

Yedi kişilik mali kurulda Jojobet, Berk Çavdar, Gökberk Dülgerbaki, Murat Dülgerkaraoğlanoğlu, Tayfun Tonel, Barış Akgün, Seçkin Kaykı isimleri yer aldı. Siyah-beyazlıların ekim ayında toplum içi mali bilgilendirme toplantısı yapmayı organize ettiği öğrenildi. Son kongrede 371 milyon TL olarak açıklanan Altay'ın toplam borcunun kur farklarıyla 450 milyon TL'ye yaklaştığı gelen haberler içinde.